VIS Group receives a positive conclusion from Glavgosexpertiza on the changes made to the bridge project in Novosibirsk

The Federal Autonomous Institution “Main Directorate of State Expertise” issued a positive conclusion based on the results of expert support in regard to the verification of the reliability of the estimated cost of construction for the bridge crossing over the Ob River in Novosibirsk. It concerns the confirmation of the estimated cost of construction based on the changes recently made to the design documentation, the need for which became apparent during the construction of the facility. Previously, they received a positive opinion as part of expert support.

“The calculations contained in the estimate documentation comply with the approved estimate standards, the information about which is included in the federal register of estimate standards, as well as with the physical volume of work, constructive, organizational, technological and other solutions provided for in the design documentation,” said the document received by VIS Group

In addition, the experts gave their opinions on the technical compliance of the changes made to the design documentation. “The changes correspond to the results of engineering surveys, comply with the design assignment, the requirements of technical regulations and other established requirements. The estimated cost of the project ‘Bridge crossing over the Ob River at the site of the street. Hippodrome in Novosibirsk’ was determined reliably,” says the conclusion of the Glavgosexpertiza.

Thus, VIS Group had confirmed the correctness of the changes made to the design documentation due to objective circumstances and rejected the arguments about the unreasonable inflation of construction costs. As previously stated, changes had to be made already at the construction stage due to the withdrawal from the Russian market of a number of manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and materials provided for in the 2015 design documentation, which was transferred to the concessionaire by the concession grantor based on the results of competitive bidding. In addition, during the execution of the project, errors and inconsistencies between the design documentation and the real situation on the construction site were identified, especially regarding the reconstruction of utilities and the tunnel in the alignment of the Stanislavsky Street.

Additionally, as determined by the examination, the estimated cost for a number of changes made to project documentation turned out to be even higher than that stated by the concessionaire. Receiving a positive conclusion on the changes already made to the project does not mean that this work will not be continued. At this construction stage, problems arose with the supply of some imported equipment for the tunnels and the toll station. A number of items specified in the 2015 project documentation are unavailable for delivery to Russia. This means that a search for analogues needs to be conducted, and these replacements must be submitted again for consideration by the state examination.

VIS Group expects that the receipt of the conclusion of the Glavgosexpertiza will allow to unblock part of the funds allocated by the Government of the Russian Federation as compensation for the increase in the cost of capital expenditures (about 3 billion rubles were previously blocked by the grantor). This will permit full-scale work to resume at the site in accordance with the already approved production schedules, allowing for the completion of construction of the concession agreement facility in December 2025, as determined by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation.

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