Work on the construction of a bridge in Novosibirsk is carried out around the clock

Over 300 people and 50 units of special equipment are engaged on the construction site of the bridge crossing over the Ob River in Novosibirsk. Work is carried out in several shifts at all bridge infrastructure facilities in accordance with the production schedule.

In anticipation of the launch of navigation along the river and the beginning of the flood season, construction workers finished a complex of dredging works, and the dismantling of the sand embankment near the right bank is close to completion. It was used as a technological platform during the construction of supports for the channel part of the bridge and temporary structures of the cable-stayed span. As of today, all work here has been completed, and the area is being cleared for the passage of water.

At the same time, high-altitude work on dismantling the temporary pylon structure, and suspended trays for laying communications in the bridge spans are being installed. Portal wall construction has been completed in the tunnel overpass under the Trans-Siberian Railway tracks, and work is underway on the construction of monolithic parapets. The filling of the roadbed of one of the main passage sections, access and bypass roads has begun at the tunnel exit. Snow removal is carried out on completed road sections.

Noise barriers and parapet fencing blocks are installed on overpasses and ramps at the left bank traffic intersection. The retaining wall piles of ramps C3 and C8 have been driven. The fastening of the foundation pit walls has been completed, and reinforcement of monolithic storm sewer wells is underway in the tunnel at the alignment of Stanislavsky St.

The total length of the new highway exceeds 5 kilometers. The six-lane highway will be able to carry over 70,000 cars per day, significantly reducing the load on existing city bridges. The project is being implemented in a concession format, financing comes from both federal and regional budgets and investments from VIS Group. To date, the Group has almost completely fulfilled its financial project obligations in the amount of 8 billion rubles. After completion of construction, the concessionaire will carry out technical and commercial operation of the facility until 2042.

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