A number of children's educational institutions, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District

2013 - 2017

Client: Government of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomoous District

General contractor: VIS Group

This is the first project of public-private partnerships in the region. By attracting a private investor – VIS Group – district has managed to address the acute problem of shortage of places in kindergartens and to create fundamentally new conditions for the development of the modern system of preschool and school education.

Construction of two kindergartens for 300 children in Salekhard
Modern 3-storey buildings each can accommodate up to 17 groups, including nursery and speech therapy groups. Besides, the buildings have medical units, speleochambers, and swimming pools where pupils are able to learn how to swim, and take special health-improving courses. 
There are also fine art studios, theater workshops, computer, sewing, carpentry and dancing classrooms for children's leisure activities.
On the third floor of the kindergartens winter gardens, planetariums, music halls and gyms, as well as private museums are located.

Construction of kindergarten for 240 children in Novy Urengoy
The total area of the building is more than 7.5 thousand sq. m. The three-storey kindergarten accommodates group units, a swimming pool, 2 winter gardens, a dancing classroom, and medical facilities with physical therapist's office. For the convenience of small citizens, elevator was installed, as well as indoor and outdoor walking verandas.
Modern technologies, security system were applied. Interactive boards also were installed, computer labs equipped, and interactive floors mounted.

Construction of kindergarten for 80 children in Gorki village
The kindergarten was built in the south-eastern part of Gorki village. The total area of the building exceeds 3,200 sq. m, and it is enough to comfortably accommodate up to 80 pupils. There are nursery and pre-school groups, psychologist and speech therapist's offices, a public room for music and sports, heated terraces and a medical unit. 
The kindergarten territory was equipped with grounds for groups, a public sports ground and cycle lanes.

Construction of kindergarten for 300 children in Tazovsky
The standard construction design for Salekhard kindergartens was also used in the construction of the kindergarten for 300 children in Tazovsky: the kindergarten is one of the most innovative in the town. 
Much attention was given to children's leisure time and their comprehensive development. Here preschooler can learn how to dance, paint, and sing. Teachers also pay a special attention to computer studies. Giving the climate conditions of the region, the building also has a speleochamber, and swimming pool. 

Construction of a joint school and kindergarten building for 200 and 120 children in Muravlenko
The modern building consists of two blocks to comfortably accommodate a kindergarten, and school for 120 and 200 children respectively. The total area of the educational facility is over 11,000 sq. m. 
In addition to classrooms and group units, there is a gym and events hall, a library, a laboratory, and winter garden. The building also has facilities for clubs and extra-curricular activities.