Reconstruction of Afanasovskoye Highway, Moscow Region

Construction period: 2022 - 2024

Customer: GKU MO "Directorate of Road Construction"

General contractor: PC VIS, LLC

The parent company of VIS Group’s construction division is the general contractor for the Afanasovskoye Highway reconstruction project. This is a section of the A-104 highway "Moscow - Dmitrov - Dubna – Povedniki," which adjoins the Mytishchi high-speed chord, being built by VIS Group under one of the largest concession agreements in the Moscow region.

Reconstruction of the Afanasovskoye Highway will allow to provide a convenient exit for vehicles from the new high-speed highway to the Dmitrovskoye Highway. The reconstruction project was approved by the City Planning and Land Commission of Moscow, since this section passes through the capital. Afanasovskoe highway starts from the Dmitrovskoe highway and is located in the northeast, bordering Moscow.

The 2.3-km section will be expanded from 2 to 4 lanes, and in some places - to 6 lanes. For pedestrians, public transport stops will be reconstructed, three elevated pedestrian crossings will be built and sidewalks will be improved. This part of the road will remain free for users when the project is completed.