Waste treatment facilities in Solnechnogorsk

of inhabitants
thousand of m2, total area
thousand of m3, capacity

Customer: Administration of the town of Solnechnogorsk, Moscow region

General contractor: OOO PF VIS


VIS Manufacturing Company, the parent company of VIS Group’s construction division, won the tender for the reconstruction of waste treatment facilities in the Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow region in April 2022. The works under the municipal contract will be completed in 2022-2024.

The project to modernize the treatment facilities complex is a part of the National "Ecology" project and the Federal Project "Improvement of the Volga." It is being implemented in several Russian regions and is designed to improve the ecological condition of the longest river in Europe by reducing the volume of polluted wastewater discharges by 3 times.

New treatment facilities will be built on the existing site with an area of almost 190,000 m2 using modern water treatment and sludge treatment technologies. The capacity of the upgraded complex will be 27,000 m3 per day, with a maximum capacity of 1,744 m3 per hour.

The treatment facilities operating in the village of Osipovo were built in 1971. Wastewater comes here from the residential and industrial buildings of Solnechnogorsk, the villages of Karpovo, Talaevo and Timonovo. The communal infrastructure facility serves more than 60,000 people. At the moment, the equipment is entirely obsolete, and the biological treatment indicators do not comply with the normative values.

The infrastructure being created will allow to carry out a full cycle of mechanical and biological water purification and its subsequent disinfection. As a result of project implementation, the concentration of residual pollution will be lowered to the requirements for fishery facilities water quality located on the river Sestra.