Power Infrastructure

Power Infrastructure

VIS Group has accumulated extensive experience in designing, erecting, equipping and upgrading large-scale power facilities. The design and construction of power facilities use the most advanced technologies and scientific developments in this field, attracting the world's leading manufacturers of power equipment.

Timeframe for implementation: 2012 to 2017

Investor: Gazprom

Client: "NUGCC", LLC

General contractor: VIS Group

Novy Urengoy gas and chemical complex is a complex with the production process cycle, requiring a continuous supply from thermal sources and utilities. Therefore, the production infrastructure fully supports the needs of the complex for electricity, heat and water.

The required amount of electricity will be generated by the gas turbine power plant (GTPP) with capacity of 120 MW, located directly at the production site. Its primary fuel shall be the methane fraction from ethylene production and natural gas as the backup fuel.

The project is unique in many respects as it is realized on lands with permafrost, under the climatic conditions of extreme cold and serious water scarcity. VIS Group experts during the construction of this facility use cutting-edge technologies, special attention is paid to the quality of work.

Timeframe for implementation: 2010 to 2016

Client: OGK-2

General contractor: VIS Group

Power unit No.9 of 330 MW is truly unique for Russia. At the free area of the station a new power unit of 330 MW has been built with the installation of a boiler with a circulating fluidized bed (CFB). This is the first power unit of domestic production in Russia using the CFB technology, which is the best solution in terms of current environmental regulations and meets the requirements of applicable European standards on emissions of harmful substances.

The project also included the following works: expansion of the existing coal yard up to 400,000 tons; construction of a new conveyor gallery of fuel supply towards the new unit; installation of an extra car dumper.

Acting as the general contractor for this innovative project, the Group performed the full range of construction, installation and commissioning works, including the acquisition of auxiliary equipment and its commissioning.

Timeframe for implementation: 2008 to 2012

Client: OGK-2

General contractor: VIS Group

Under the project on the modernization of No. 6 unit two most advanced gas turbines with a capacity of 279 MW each manufactured by Siemens with two waste-heat boilers were superstructed to the existing 300 MW steam turbine.

Capacity of the commissioned CCGT-800 is the highest in Russia for steamgas power units to date. Such an indicator of thermal generation equipment has been achieved in the domestic electric power industry for the first time in thirty years.

OnMarch 23, 2012 Mr. Vladimir Putin launched the power unit CCGT-800. The ceremony was attended by members of the Government of the Russian Federation, Mr. Aleksey Miller, Chairman of the Board of JSC “Gazprom”.

Timeframe for implementation: 2010 to 2012

Client: "System Operator of the United Power System", JSC

General contractor: VIS Group

VIS Group completed reconstruction, engineering and technological equipping of administrative building of Regional dispatch center of Perm region energy system.

The purposes of reconstruction were the following:

  • Creation of environment for operation of the dispatch center, necessary for improving reliability of operative-dispatch control in RDC operational area;
  • Improvement of observability of current condition of dispatched objects;
  • System endurance improvement.

Basic works in terms of the project: upgrading of provided technological equipment; equipment supply at Group’s own expense.

The building was commissioned in the highest level of readiness and just-in-time.

Timeframe for implementation: 2010 to 2011

Client: Slovenska Elektrizacna Sustava

General contractor: VIS Group 

The project was implemented by VIS Group in terms of strategy of active introduction on markets of Eastern Europe countries – European Union members.

The necessity of its implementation was caused by closure of units 1 and 3 of nuclear power plant Bogunitse. The main equipment supplier was German corporate group Siemens AG.

Basic works in terms of the project:

  • Design
  • Installation of equipment
  • Startup works
  • Object commissioning.

Substation modernization was performed with financial support of European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

Timeframe for implementation: 2008 to 2010

Client: OGK-6

General contractor: VIS Group

At power unit No.7 310 MW steam power unit was superstructed by a gas turbine with capacity of 110 MW produced by JSC “NPO “Saturn”. Next to the main building of the unit, an extension is erected to house a gas turbine plant, a steam boiler for operation as part of CCGT-420 was modernized, a booster compressor station was constructed.

Modern steamgas technology applied in implementing the project allowed to significantly improve technical-and-economic index of the 7th unit. Installed capacity increased up to 420 MW, the unit's electricity production rose from 1,762 to 2,310 million kWh. At the same time equivalent fuel rate of consumption decreased by 15%, and the coefficient of efficiency boosted from 39 to 44%.