Housing & Utilities Infrastructure

Housing and utilities sphere refers to those sectors of the economy where the need for modernization is most relevant. VIS Group has experience in implementing complex residential development projects, as well as creating facilities for the sorting, disposal and storage of solid municipal waste.

Timeframe for implementation: 2017 to 2020

Client: Government of the Novosibirsk oblast 

General contractor: "Ecology-Novosibirsk", LLC

In September 2017 VIS Group has acquired 75% of "Ecology-Novosibirsk", LLC. The company acts as a concessionaire for the construction project in the Novosibirsk oblast waste sorting facilities and all associated infrastructure. 

The respective concession agreement was signed in July of 2016 between "Ecology-Novosibirsk", LLC and the Government of the region. The project includes two sorting plant for household waste with the capacity of 400 thousand tons each, two landfill capacity 297,2 thousand tons and all necessary infrastructure. The agreement is concluded for a period of 40 years.

The construction of the facilities is scheduled to perform at the expense of the concessionaire's investments will amount to 6.5 billion rubles. Both plants will become the property of the region immediately after construction, their operation and for the duration of the agreement (until July 2056) to be provided by the concessionaire.

Timeframe for implementation: 2013 to 2017

Property developer: VIS Group

Tundra Microdistrict project foresees the construction of two 5-storey and four 9-storey houses with built-in non-residential premises. The total area of residential buildings is 116,047 sq.m., that is 1,400 apartments. Some apartments in newly built houses are given to the Residential Construction Foundation of YNAD for relocation of citizens from dilapidated housing and solving other socially important issues of the District.

Development of the microdistrict was conducted comprehensively with creating the infrastructure required for a comfortable living: administrative, commercial, educational institutions, catering companies. It will house shops, cafes, youth clubs, Early Childhood Development school, post offices and police stations. 

In the district the integrated landscaping and planting with playgrounds and sports grounds was carried out. Parking lots for private cars are equipped near each house. The total number of parking spaces exceeds the number of apartments.

Timeframe for implementation: 2012 to 2015

Property developer: VIS Group

“Northern Lights” complex includes seven 9-storey 10-sectional houses with a total area of about 200,000 sq.m. Nearly 3,000 spacious 1, 2, 3 and 4-room apartments meet the highest standards of construction, safety and comfort. The project was implemented under the Program of socio-economic development of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. The residential complex provided for the construction of all necessary social infrastructure facilities: schools, two kindergartens, a stadium and recreational areas. To ensure a comfortable stay in the "Northern Lights" residential complex, the integrated landscaping was performed with equipped playgrounds and parking lots.

The residential complex has been built with the use of the latest achievements of the construction industry as monolithic housing. The project design considered severe climatic conditions of the Far North and protected yard areas from wind and sun exposure.