On May 15, the Khabarovsk Bypass became a part of the all-Russian network of toll roads with the ability to pay for travel using transponders
Contactless payment will minimize the time it takes a vehicle to pass through toll booths.
VIS Group completes the renovation of overhead high-voltage lines for the construction of the Lensky Bridge in Yakutia
In total, more than 6.5 km of high-voltage lines were moved as part of the project on both banks.
VIS Group’s consolidated revenue for 2023 exceeded RUB 42 billion for the first time.
VIS Group published consolidated financial statements for 2023 in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
Over 570 people work at VIS Group facilities in Yamal
VIS Group is implementing a number of large social facilities in Yamal. In total, more than 30 objects were created in the region during work.
VIS Group is mobilizing additional resources for the construction of facilities in Yakutia
About 250 people are currently involved in the construction of the holding’s facilities in the republic, and this number will gradually increase.
Traffic along the Khabarovsk Bypass exceeds 4 million vehicles
The Khabarovsk Bypass highway is switching to summer operation. The track successfully endured the winter season, without a single serious disruption in vehicle traffic.
VIS Group resumes monolithic work on the construction of the Arctic Center in Yakutsk
After the winter season, the work that could not be carried out at temperatures far below the freezing point, including monolithic structure concreting, were resumed.
Three of the six transport interchanges of the Mytishchi Expressway are 85% ready
The road will pass at a distance of 4-8 km from the Moscow Ring Road and will connect Yaroslavskoye, Ostashkovskoye and Dmitrovskoye highways.